The Banana Hands Clean Oceans Project

Ocean plastic is really really really bad news. There's two types of plastics - those that are durable and then there is single use plastics. Packaging in plastic is growing exponentially. Plastic is made from oil. Plastic is buried, burned or ends up as littering in the oceans. Just because something has a recyclable label on it doesn't mean it gets to be recycled. Under the current economic system, it doesn't make economic sense to recycle.

So The Banana Hands Clean Oceans Project is starting with ONE MILLION pieces of ocean plastic salvaged, characterised and responsibly recycled. Yes!!!


Plasticwize, Gizo: A group in Gizo, Solomon Islands keen on finding fun ways to reduce plastic waste and raise environmental awareness. 

Plastics turn into micro and nano plastics that stay in the environment for 500 years. Then they end up in everything we drink, the air we breathe, the soil, in snow, it falls as rain and snow on the polar caps. Plastics end up everywhere broken up into tiny little bits that eventually end up in our bodies. Toxins then latch on to those nano plastics and these are bio-cumulative toxins. When they are in the body, they behave like asbestos. This causes inflammation in the body and the body attacks it.

Every year, 8 million tons of plastics enter our oceans on top of the estimated 150 million tons already currently circulating in our marine environments. Plastics are polluting oceans today, but it will be even worse for future generations. We have to fix this.

So Banana Hands is investing in the future. Your purchases help us fund the collection and genuine recycling of ocean plastics in the Pacific Ocean. It's a big job - but just like cleaning up your room - you have to start somewhere.

So, stay tuned. We have lots more to tell you soon on our cleaning up the big mess initiatives, as well as some exciting new packaging solutions for Banana Hands products that we are working on with some of the best minds in the important frontier of sustainable, safe plastic and plastic-substitute packaging and recycling.