Our Impact

In 2016 the World Economic Forum issued a report stating that if we do nothing, the ocean is expected to contain 1 tonne of plastic for every 3 tonnes of fish by 2025, and by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish by weight. Our oceans matter and the time to act is now.

Banana Hands is not just any bath oil, hand soap, hand sanitiser, dog shampoo, etc, etc, etc, company. Oh no!  We want to do good. We at Banana Hands genuinely care about making the world a better place - cleaner, happier, sharier, kinder. Why not? Isn't that what it's all about?  So here's how we do it:

First, Banana Hands helps by, very simply, bringing truly beautiful, natural personal care, home hygiene and pet care products made from pure, raw, certified organic, extra extra virgin coconut ingredients to Australian children and their families. Cleaning is our Super Power. We all have to wash our hands - so we at Banana Hands want to make it as fun and as pleasant as we can.

Second, our neighbours in the Solomon Islands and their families have been working hard to produce coconut oil - Small-Batch, Wild-Harvested, Virgin, Raw, Pure, Certified Organic Coconut Oil - and they need a market to sell their products. There are over 1,000 villagers earning income from harvesting and selling their coconuts - and many more wanting to join the scheme - but they need customers. Hello Banana Hands - we're here to lend a hand! (get it? 'lend a hand'? LOL).

It's good for first world kids to know where the products they use come from. Banana Hands source our ingredients from real people using real ingredients, with real benefits for all involved in the contraction. And, it's good for kids to know that the products they use every day are not at the expense of others' health and safety.  Banana Hands supports village livelihoods and our Clean Oceans Project benefits many.

Our products are 100% FairTSA Certified: Social Responsibility Standard for Agricultural Production, Processing and under the Fair-Trade Sustainability Alliance NCO Certification Number 8105P


Third, We've launched an exciting partnership between Marine Plastic Solutions,Banana Hands Clean Oceans Project and the communities of the Solomon Islands.

We are genuinely horrified, mortified, disgusted, dismayed, at the plastics in the ocean. It's distressing - not only for us but for the sea-life too! So we've decided to clean that up too.

For every Banana Hands product you purchase, we collect and recycle ten pieces of ocean plastic. That's ten pieces of dangerous plastic cleaned up forever from oceans, rivers and coastlines for every Banana Hands product sold. 


Monies raised through the sale of cleansers, body oils and lip balms are used to fund marine plastic recovery in the Solomon Islands. Under the ‘Banana Hands Clean Oceans Project’, Marine Plastics Solutions is working with Solomon Islander communities to collect, characterise and responsibly manage ocean-salvaged plastic waste.

The collected plastic will be managed through Circular Economy practices. Tracking will also be conducted from point of collection to point of recycling or responsible disposal (for non-recyclable plastics) in order to provide verifiable evidence that the collection and disposal has occurred responsibly. Updates on this project will be shared through the websites of

bananahands.org and marineplasticsolutions.com and via our social media platforms @bananahandsaustralia and https://www.facebook.com/Marine-Plastic-Solutions-101106858488860/


Many Solomon Islanders want work to support their families, and they want to collect the waste and see it responsibly recycled too. By buying Banana Hands products you are actually giving a hand ('Banana Hand' that is haha) to communities and to the ocean and all its creatures.

Stay tuned as we work towards our first target of one million pieces of plastic collected from our seas through the Banana Hands Clean Oceans Project. 

We at Banana Hands are a big bunch of over-ripe softies - we admit it.  We believe that this is how the world is supposed to work: helping one another and gaining so much more ourselves in the process. So that is why we at Banana Hands say - 'let's all be part of the solution - and get clean too' - what can be more a-peeling than that?