Become a Shareholder

Why not join our Banana Hands Shareholder Scheme?

For as little as a $50 investment, here's what you get:

  • Lifetime 10% discount on all Banana Hands products.
  • A little extra something when you order one of our annual Xmas gift packs.
  • Detailed outgoings and income annual reporting - full transparency.
  • Preference for you or a family member in recruitment to our internship opportunities.
  • The opportunity to own a small part of something wonderful.

Here's what we do with the cash:

  • We'll collect an extra 100 pieces of dangerous ocean plastic for every new shareholding.
  • Increase our spend on social media advertising and promotion to grow Banana Hands faster and bigger.
  • Accelerate our product development process to add more beautiful organic coconut-based shampoos, cleansers, pet cleaning supplies, household cleaning supplies, coconut fragrant candles and more to our offering.
  • Expand our operations and employ more people.

Email us to request a shareholder pack